Episode [ suspicion ]

[ time set at T ]

“I knew you were strong”, said Aarowan looking at Chie.

However, saying so was not enough to explain Chie’s potential, as outside of the building she might have taken care of more creatures than Aarowan.

But the only question was why she let Aarowan take care of the creatures if she could have handled it herself. Maybe it was a question to be answered when Aarowan might have a better understanding of Chie’s mind.

But for the current context what Aarowan wanted now was his reward.

And thus, he spoke to Chie saying, “Hey, I kept my end of the bargain, now it’s time you keep yours.”.

Listening to which Chie nodded to Aarowan giving him an agreement but in a bizarre cutesy posture.

However, as their conversation was about to continue one of the villagers came close and kneeled right in front of Aarowan, joined both of his hands and started muttering something in their language while he falls into tears. And soon the entirety of the saved started doing the same.

As Aarowan couldn’t understand the language he asked Chie but instead of giving him an explanation she told him that they are grateful but however moved by the events. For Aarowan it seemed quite off of an answer as he could clearly tell that the villagers were not only greeting but also asking for something else too, however what it was not in his power to understand.

Before anything else could strike Aarowan’s mind Chie stuck her nose between the villagers and Aarowan and drag Aarowan away while saying something to the villagers. Her voice seemed concerned and supportive but to Aarowan, this triggered suspicion and thus he decided upon using his one of his ability on this woman.

  • Pinocchio the Puppet {
    • An ability that allows the holder to perform instant hypnotism and memory manipulation. However, this particular ability is quite hard to perform as the user always has to catch the target off-guard for him/her to perform this ability but once performed it is quite hard to break through by the target.
  • }

Even though Aarowan’s endeavours Chie didn’t let him poke around the village and quickly suggested their departure which mostly directed her fear for something but what it remained unclear.

Soon Chie was been able to gather a wagon and food for them and thus it came the time for both the leave the village.


As they were continuing their journey Aarowan asked Chie about the place and thus she game him the explanation of the architecture of the “Underworld” and told him that their first destination is the reach the outskirts of the central city of the “Neverlands”, more specifically the outskirts of the Lethe where Chie could use her authority to make a passing permit for Aarowan but she made it clear that she shall not share her about her authority with Aarowan.

However, it seemed that she was thinking of reaching a conclusive decision by informing existence of Aarowan to her supervisors.

But the only problem was of the time, as according to Chie it might take them about two days time to reach the central city.

For Aarowan the count of time being both good and bad news. Good for as he could enjoy more of the unseen beauty of this new world and bad for the wait that he has to go through for reaching a conclusive answer to his existence.

However, he yet hasn’t forgotten his plan of getting the answers from Chie and he was the first to start the conversation.

“So, tell why I can understand you?”, Said Aarowan.

“Because you can understand English.”, replied Chie.

“Explain”, Aarowan demanded.

“Well, I have no idea, we commonly in this world use English to communicate, however, the tribes existing in this world also has their own native languages and for a village as obscure as one we just were at commonly only know their native language.”, answered Chie.

“Then tell me how you know their language”, again asked Aarowan.

“Well, I have been stationed there for a long time and been trained to understand their language”, Chie.

“Which organisation”, asked Aarowan notoriously.

As Chie being the one on the driving seat, listening to Aarowan she turned backwards and turning back she saw Aarowan’s face right next to her and he was staring at her with a devilish look.

For a brief moment, she was surprised and maybe also her guard went down. And in that brief moment, Aarowan cast his ability “Pinocchio the Puppet”.

As Aarowan used his ability Chie’s mind went blank and she let go of her control over the wagon while Aarowan steadily took over the wagon and caught Chie.

“I am not a good guy, remember?”, Aarowan spoke to himself and pulled the command of the wagon and stopped it right at the very point.

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