Episode [ lethe ]

[ time set at T ] “Lethe”, said Chie. The name was unfamiliar to Aarowan, but he knew that the word itself held some value and thus he asked, “Lethe?”. And listening to him Chie went on explaining, according to her Lethe is one of the five rivers of the “Underworld” and was known for... Continue Reading →

Episode [ the journey ]

[ time set at T ] Listening to Chie and her explanation, it was clear that the invasion was conducted at a large scale, and because of which she probably was sceptical of going inside the building herself. However, it was clear that the gates to other worlds existed and somehow Aarowan also slipped through... Continue Reading →

Episode [ layers ]

[ time set at T ] Certainly Aarowan was not a man to be trusted neither a one easily to be tamed, however, he is having been a resident of the hell. And currently stopping the wagon Aarowan, he wrapped his hands around Chie, making it look like if two lovers were going through an... Continue Reading →

Episode [ suspicion ]

[ time set at T ] “I knew you were strong”, said Aarowan looking at Chie. However, saying so was not enough to explain Chie’s potential, as outside of the building she might have taken care of more creatures than Aarowan. But the only question was why she let Aarowan take care of the creatures... Continue Reading →

Episode [ the cure ]

[ time set at T ] As Aarowan declared the entire ordeal as a game. Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! Bang!!!! Bang!!!!! Five sets of bullets been fired from his gun and each pierced through a piece of different furniture killing a total of ten creatures from before. How such an incredible shooting accuracy? The answer hides... Continue Reading →

Episode [ underworld ]

[ time set at T ] By this point it is clear that the world Aarowan has arrived is not a normal one. However, to understand the story we first must know how this new world is defined. For the starters, the world is known as “Creaturae”, a world made of both Science and Magic.... Continue Reading →

Episode [ new world ]

[ time set at T ] “It is beautiful”, thought Aarowan continuing his posture of kneeling. It is true that he was shocked. But somehow, he was not in shock for unable to escape the caves but rather for being able to witness the unequal beauty of the flowers. It is maybe due to the... Continue Reading →

Episode [ the second one ]

[ time set at T ] “What? Where am I? How I get here?”, Thought a man lost in the darkness. “I was supposed to be in the middle of my punishment, was I not?”, He added. “Maybe it is not a good time to recall the past.”. “Maybe, maybe I should try focusing more... Continue Reading →

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