Episode [ visitors from another reality ]

[ time set at T ]

Suddenly the sound of a gunshot could be heard, following which a creature falls from the second floor of the building.

The creature had long arms, as long as it’s the entire body. It also had elongated legs but its arms were longer. It also had milky white skin and the nails were red and had no hair on its body. However, it was dressed in a white coat and had a fancy formal boot on it.

Maybe it was the source of the footprints Aarowan was following.

However, the man behind the gunshot was none other than Aarowan himself.


Earlier that day, when Chie went off to talk, she was greeted with bad news. It was about the backup that she had requested. However, the backup was not been sent due to the conflicts between the political fractions and even been sent it was not clear how long it might take. Leaving her with no other option but to flee with her own life and fleeing was the thing she decided upon.

But to flee she needed a distraction and the distraction that she settles upon was Aarowan. Her plan was to introduce Aarowan to one of the weapons used by the verdicts and let him lead the charge while she silently flees.

For this to work, she offered Aarowan a simple solution, as he was also one of the unexplained anomalies, what she offered him was, if he could help her rescue the villagers than she will help him to understand his situation.

Though the offering was simple it had a depth of its own. As it was more important for Aarowan to understand his own stands in this mess. And thus, he didn’t hesitate upon accepting her offer and agreed to help. Thus, she gave him the gun.

Aarowan fallen for the plan of Chie took the gun, by the weight of it was clear that it had not many bullets in it. However, it was not a big problem for Aarowan as he was never been planning to rely on a machine, what he relied upon was on one of his abilities, Hell Flame.

It was a special ability of Aarowan that allowed him to summon flames of the hell on his left hand, and thus the glove he always wore.

  • Hell Flame {
    • The hell flame or the sacrificial flames or the black flames, found on the ninth circle of the hell that froze anything and everything upon touch. However, for one to obtain these flames must first of all sacrifice a piece of his flesh, on sacrificing which, the person may obtain these flames as a replacement of that certain location of his/her body.
  • }

The ability not only allowed him to manifest the flames but also to reshape objects as he desires. And thus, when he held the gun on his left hand it automatically reconfigured to use the hell flames as fuel. And finally, when it was time to fire a bullet, it fuelled itself with the flames and shot out a piece of ice shaped like a bullet. The bullet went and shot one of the creatures on scout duty and pierced through its chest and instantly creating a piece of ice where it struck. The poor creature without knowing what hit it falls from the balcony and struck the ground.

 “Hey, you’re not bad.”, Aarowan spoke on his successful kill, “You know what? I am going to name you”, he added.

“Envy.”, Aarowan.

“Yes, Let’s kill Envy.”, and saying so he jumped out of a window and started rushing towards the building where the creatures were hiding.


The creatures were alarmed by the huge sound made by the Desert Eagle. They all ran inside the building and hid themselves in it. And Aarowan being unknown to the strategy of the creatures entered the building.

As he entered the building suddenly a gunshot pierced through his right leg. But to the surprise to the hidden shooter, the wounds were immediately started healing. To be honest it was more like as if the time for that particular spot of his body started flowing backwards. And it not only healed his leg but also restored his jeans.

  • Mother’s & Father’s Rosary {
    • A special property provided only to the devil known as Aarowan Dusk by his creator Naworaa Dawn as compensation for the hardship of his life.
    • Mother’s Rosary {
      • A sub property of the ability known as Mother’s & Father’s Rosary which allows one to reverse time on a certain location of his/her body while exchanging his life span for the reversal.
    • }
  • }

Being stunned by the quick healing of Aarowan the enemy started shooting at him rapidly and as they stopped what they noticed was a semi-circular barrier that appeared around Aarowan which had blocked the bullets from piercing through him.

  • Mother’s & Father’s Rosary {
    • A special property provided only to the devil known as Aarowan Dusk by his creator Naworaa Dawn as compensation for the hardship of his life.
    • Father’s Rosary {
      • A sub property of the ability known as Mother’s & Father’s Rosary which allows one to protect him/her from any external damage in exchange of their physical strength.
    • }
  • }

Seeing which the creatures were baffled and before they could understand the situation and execute a comparable counter to his abilities Aarowan shot a bullet towards the sealing and spoke, “Let’s play.”.

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