Episode [ underworld ]

[ time set at T ]

By this point it is clear that the world Aarowan has arrived is not a normal one.

However, to understand the story we first must know how this new world is defined.

For the starters, the world is known as “Creaturae”, a world made of both Science and Magic. Containing not only humans but also the creatures of myth. As the definition of the world suggests, it had many fractions within. Among which the most notable were the fractions of Divine and Dark.

These two fractions had divided the world into two, as the type of fraction defined their land of inhabitation. For the fraction of Divine, it was Surface Lands and for the Dark, It was the land below the Surface, the Underworld.

And as for Aarowan’s summon, he was summoned to the Underworld which is the current context for the discussion.

The lands of the Underworld ruled by the Scarlet King was composed of two main sections, first was the central city of the “Neverlands” which was divided into five distinct sections and were named accordingly after one of each river of the underworld. Namely Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Phlegethon and Cocytus. And there was the other section known as the Maze of caves and the place where Aarowan was summoned.

However, where the lands of the central city ended were existed several small villages composed of various low-level demons. And currently Aarowan was somehow able to navigate his way to one of them. And his arrival time was also astounding as he arrived at the time of an invasion.


In the village, as Aarowan has arrived he was in constant observation of someone. That someone not only followed him through the village but also was the one who knocked him unconscious. And her name Chie.

Chie, one of the spies belonging to Scarlet king’s Secret service.

As Chie knocked Aarowan unconscious, wasting no time she took him inside the nearest building and tied his hands and legs. However, this was not enough and casted a spell to render him immobile.

After casting the spell and making sure that he is immobile and has no chance of attacking him she finally casted another spell, probably healing spell.


While waking up, for Aarowan, first things were dark and slowly his eyes started sensing light and finally was able to see. However, he was not being able to move his body, maybe it was the effect of the spell casted by Chie.

As he was struggling to move slowly Chie walked into his sight of the vision, and before she could even utter a single word Aarowan spoke, “My goodness I am going to enjoy”.

His words might seem to be strange for his situation but were the correct response, as Chie was a pretty lady belonging to the tribe of “Cat people”, having a fairly blooming chest and nice curves. Maybe the prettiest thing would be her long pale pinkish hair. And also, the dress, her asymmetric green top with a light armour plus her legs covered with a pair of white pants complimenting which she was wearing metal boots. And also, two of her fangs were sticking out of her mouth that added a slight hint of cuteness to her.

Hearing this Chie instead of punishing Aarowan she started talking to him like a little child and with a huge smile on her face she spoke, “Thank you, but I must admit that you’re currently a suspect so I am going to act badly with you, okay?”.

Before Aarowan could utter any word, Chie started sniffing at Aarowan and spoke, “On the other hand you don’t smell like those other people, you smell different.”.

Suddenly she started acting strange and making an evil face she continued, “Why not you tell me your story?”.

Aarowan shocked at her changing personality spoke, “I am not sure but I think I am not from this world, I think”.

He added, “This might sound crazy but I was supposed to be, umm.., somewhere else and suddenly everything got dark and I ended up here”.

“I believe you”, said Chie.

Listening to Chie and being puzzled at her quick response Aarowan asked again, “Why?”.

And her response, “Because you bleed red”.

Listening to which he remembered about the blue stain he has been following and was concluding as some sort of blood. Thus, he kept himself quiet and waited until Chie continued, “You see both you and those unknown things bleed differently, you bleed red while they bleed green and we blue.”

“Regardless, even though I want to trust you I am not going to let you go free this easily, for all I know you could be somehow related to them”, she added.

“But …” before Aarowan had a chance to speak she again spoke, “Now listen whoever you are, I am not going to let you go so wait here till this mess gets cleaned”.

And saying so she touched her left ear and a piece of equipment appeared on her ear, seemed more like some sort of communicating device and this was confirmed when she started talking through it. But while she was talking, she walked into a different room and what she was talking was not clear from that point, so, Aarowan decided upon not concentrating on it.

However, after a while, she came back and the equipment was again invisible but this time, she was holding something in her hands, she showed it to Aarowan and asked if he knows what the thing is.

Aarowan replied in agreement that he knows.

“Good”, Chie said.

“is it a weapon?”, she asked again.

And for a second time, Aarowan nodded in agreement.

seeing which she asked for it’s name and Aarowan said that it’s a gun.

Actually, Aarowan even knew what was the model even, Desert Eagle.

“Now tell me, do you want to go free?”, Chie.

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