Episode [ the journey ]

[ time set at T ]

Listening to Chie and her explanation, it was clear that the invasion was conducted at a large scale, and because of which she probably was sceptical of going inside the building herself.

However, it was clear that the gates to other worlds existed and somehow Aarowan also slipped through one to this new world.

Deducing which Aarowan decided upon allowing Chie to come out of his spell. However, before doing so he first changed his posture and again returned to the state of a traveller.

As Chie came back to a stable state her mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening and in the state of confusion, she asked, “What is going on? Why am I feeling so dizzy?”

To which Aarowan replied as acting worried, “Woah! I was getting worried you know, you just blackout all of a sudden.”.

Listening to which Chie was not satisfied but for her dizzy mind it was enough chat.

At this point it was clear that what Chie currently desiring was a little bit of rest and thus Aarowan suggested a break from the roads. However, Chie, maybe because of some unknown cause wanted to continue and as for Aarowan’s inability to drive the wagon, she decided to keep of driving herself.

Though Aarowan did suggested it was a bad idea.


It was nearly a day and a half and this point Chie was back at the pick of her health but however she often showed suspicions over her blackout.

However, as the journey was progressing the sceneries were as well. There was one after another great scenery to behold. There were now small trees also, all trees with different properties.

There were some having glowing leaves and there were some with flowing flowers but with normal leaves and finally, there were some both with normal leaves and flowers however it sprouted fruits that glowed like a lamp.

Though the journey was extraordinary as was conducted at a place unknown to Aarowan but the things that were exciting him grew old pretty soon. Maybe the cause lies in the fact that the sceneries were repetitive, decorated with the same old things he encountered once, the shining mosh and glowing plans only.

But soon it was about to change as he was about to encounter newer wonders.


As they journeyed, it nearly passed one and half day. They in middle also took breaks for food and supplies as well.

Soon they arrived at a place where there were guards, wearing medieval armour. However, this time the guards that they encountered were Lizard people and according to this world beast-man.

However, Chie stopped the wagon near the guards and started greeting them and finally, she pulled out something from her pockets, maybe some sort of insignia. Seeing which the guards vowed at her.

The entire scenery directed at that she was allowed to pass through the gates but as Chie was, she also gave the guards a funny child-like posture while they vowed.

After talking with the guards Chie returned to Aarowan and said, “We are not allowed to take the wagon any further but I got us permission to pass through.

“However, for you being an outsider I have made this passing permit for you. Don’t lose it okay”, added Chie.

Listening to which Aarowan nodded and went off of the wagon and prepared himself for the walk.

Soon Aarowan and Chie started the next phase of their journey, they both together crossed the gates and crossing which they first arrived at a bridge.

The bridge was at a glance seemed huge, as from one end there couldn’t be seen the other end and also it was huge in terms of its breadth which triggered a question in Aarowan’s mind as to why they didn’t allow them the wagon. However, this was a question that is to be answered in future.

As Chie and Aarowan were progressing there was also a group of three that was passing through the bridge. However, the strangest thing might be that while walking through, soon the group of three started walking like dead bodies as they were being controlled by someone.

Looking at which Aarowan turned to Chie and she instead of taking this seriously just said to Aarowan that if they start running to jump off of the bridge then to knock them out.

However, as Chie finished her line two of the travellers started running towards the sides of the bridge and wasting no time Aarowan and Chie both knocked one of each travellers unconscious. After knocking out the first on Chie went to the remaining one and knocked him out as well.

As Aarowan was holding the person he could hear a strange voice calling for him. However, Aarowan was not to fall for any mind tricks as he had a resistance to such trickeries. But yet the question of what it was must be answered and thus he again turned to Chie and asked for an explanation.

And listening to Aarowan’s objection Chie playfully replied “Lethe”.

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