Episode [ the cure ]

[ time set at T ]

As Aarowan declared the entire ordeal as a game.

Bang! Bang!! Bang!!! Bang!!!! Bang!!!!!

Five sets of bullets been fired from his gun and each pierced through a piece of different furniture killing a total of ten creatures from before.

How such an incredible shooting accuracy?

The answer hides in one of the other abilities he has.

  • Divine eye {
    • A divine class ability earned alongside the title of “Apocalypse Angel”. The ability allows the holder of the title to obtain kinetic vision to a point from which the time feels suspended and also provides other accessories such as perfect aiming and heat vision and detection of supernatural signature. However, the only downfall is that it only allows one eye to obtain the ability where the other remains normal. Because of which the holders of the ability always have one of their eyes black and its lens white.
  • }

However, because of his ability “Divine Eye” he could notice that the other floors were full as well. But it was hard to distinguish enemy from hostages because every next signature was showing up as supernatural.

But now as the remaining enemies were alerted there was no time for plans, as for each passing moment the chance of villagers getting harmed increases.

He for a second time searched through the ground floor and there was no signature and thus he rushed forward to the next floor.

In the next floor he noticed several of horned humanoid creatures but all tied up, for his initial idea he saw them as enemies as well but their speech even though being in an unintelligible language, he felt the hint of fear and despair which made him think otherwise.

And during his session of thoughts something hit him from behind, it was a bullet and it pierced his back. But worry not as it was a small wound and healing it was no problem. However, the shooter was again belonging to the kind he had executed on the ground floor, and this time seeing Aarowan heal he ran off to the higher floors.

And seeing the creature run Aarowan in a funny voice shouted, “Are we playing tag now?”, “Come on we are old for this.”.

And saying so he rushed behind the creature and finally arrived at the second floor and to his surprise it was also filled with horned humanoid creatures and also all tied up.

At this point, he was almost certain that horned means safe. However, this time not letting his guard down he checked the floor for enemies but there was no sign of them. And thus, he proceeded.

On the third, as he entered, he noticed nothing, maybe because the enemies have deserted the floor and regrouped on the last floor. But what he noticed alongside was that he was alone too, there was no sign of the woman that handed him the task, to this he thought that it might be because she is still waiting for him back at their meeting place and he continued to the next floor.

However, on the last floor, Aarowan was to be surprised because as he entered the floor there was thick strange odour as if it was a hospital. But from the outer looks of the building, it tells otherwise. However, it took him not much time to notice six more of the strange creatures and alongside those six standing two plague doctor, both operating on a body and before his eyes the dead flash of a horned creature mutated and turned into one of those white creatures but with no clothes nor any weapons.

It took only a blink of an eye for Aarowan to shoot off six of those creatures leaving the new-born come at him, for which Aarowan grabbed the new-born by its neck an and as he tightened his grip the flesh of the creature started to rot away. And finally, there was nothing but a decaying corp.

Decaying, yes.

As for Aarowan, as a devil, he had an archive of souls which he trapped using his personality-specific ability known as “Land of Endless Betrayal”.

  • {
    • An ability that is personality specific that means there are no two people with the same ability, but these personality-specific abilities were the one who allowed a devil his devilish powers such as archiving souls and knowledge.
  • }

The use of “Land of Endless Betrayal” was simple, it was an ability he used to store stolen souls that elongated his life span. And touching and decaying the creature was the process of absorbing the soul.

However, absorbing the soul of this creature did taste funny.

Seeing which the plague doctors were instead of being intimidated become more excited. They even tried communicating with Aarowan.

In fluent English, one of them spoke, “Do you like our cure?”

Another one added, “We almost have perfected the cure.”, “Would you like to see how it’s done?”, it added.

Listening to the doctors Aarowan replied, “So, these mindless things were your cure?”, “Not bad. As expected from the likes of you.”.

Again, Aarowan added, “Let me operate on you.”.

And saying so without even listening to another word he shot right through their heads and both laid dead on the floor.

“Now your cured”, Added Aarowan.

For Aarowan it was now time for the reward but before he had to release the villagers.

Aarowan went downstairs and untied several of the horned creatures and soon all of them were free. However, when he came out of the building surprisingly Chie was waiting for him outside and lied around her few more of the dead corpses of the cured.

“I have been waiting”, Chie.

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