Episode [ layers ]

[ time set at T ]

Certainly Aarowan was not a man to be trusted neither a one easily to be tamed, however, he is having been a resident of the hell.

And currently stopping the wagon Aarowan, he wrapped his hands around Chie, making it look like if two lovers were going through an intimate chat.

For the starters, Aarowan asked, “So, tell me love, what do you intend to do with me?”.

The answer to that was quite easy to guess and was quite logical on Chie’s behalf, as she said, “I have been planning to inform your existence to my superior.”.

Listening to which Aarowan asked again, “Tell me where do you stand in all this?”

“I am one of the spies of the Neverlands, also known as the Metal squad and one of the five elite squads of the underworld.”

As Aarowan was about to ask her for more specifics, Chie continued saying, “There is a total of five elite Squads namely Flame, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each classified by their own attributes and for me, I belong to the Metal.”

“Explain love”, Said Aarowan.

“I have no specific knowledge over all the squads as each operates secretly under the Scarlet king, the ruler of the underworld. However, what I do know is that my squad is responsible for the maintaining order and peace.”, Chie.

Listening to which Aarowan was able to deduce why she called herself as a spy earlier, according to him maybe Chie’s squad is more like a front-row army composed of fighters only and his idea also coincided smoothly with the name Metal.

“Tell me more about how things work in the Neverlands”, said Aarowan.

For which Chie responded as that there were several fractions in the neverlands among which the most notables were demons and devils. According to her explanation, the one’s that grew even one horn is categorised as demon regardless of whatever else characteristics he/she may have, however, on the other hand, the ones that appeared more like humans were called devils.

However, the explanation of the demons and devils shocked him as it was the same classification as was back in Aarowan’s world but yet there was something more, something that didn’t exist in Aarowan’s world.

In Chie’s explanation, she also mentioned that in between both there existed an obscure race as well, known as beast-men, in which Chie herself belonged. The Beast men were characterised if the person, he/her if born with any animalistic characteristics, like as Chie had a tail and cat ears.

Listening to which Aarowan interestedly asked about the rules of the Neverlands to which Chie explain that the Neverlands were always ruled by one single king known as the Scarlet king and under hum stood the five elite squads that run Neverlands. However, there also the existence of the Nobles classed that influenced the rule.

By this point, the answers to the political questions were getting boring and almost all the important information about the rule and rulers had been asked. And thus, Aarowan this time decided upon asking about his doubts from before.

“So, tell me Chie, love, what was going on at the village?”, Aarowan.

Chie under the spell of Aarowan replied that there were anomalies happening around Underworld since past six or seven months and as for the anomalies, they started from the devastation of one of the villages at the outskirts. The entirety of the village disappeared in a matter of hours and there was no clue left behind except for the blue bloodstains.

However, after days of disappearance of the village, there was an attack on the Neverlands and the attackers were these oddly dressed white creatures. Though being attacked Neverlands won, however, the source of the attack was never been found.

And since that day there disappeared more villages one after another and after each there always a wave of attack.

For Chie’s stand in all this was that she was assigned to that particular village as an informer if anything odd happens.

As bad Chie’s luck was, she somehow picked up the news of invasion as she was routinely scouting the village. While she was scouting what she saw was a man dressed in complete black robes wearing a pointy mask and with a handbag, which Aarowan deduced to be a Plague doctor, however, this man was talking to a villager in an alley and while they were talking the villager randomly touched the doctor and as the villager touched the doctor, the doctor started acting strangely and strangled the villager to death.

And as for Chie, she decided upon spying out of the fear of a deeper plot. However, as Chie was spying what she saw was that the doctor pulling out some strange tools from his handbag and started performing surgery on that poor villager while muttering “I shall cure you” over and over again. As she kept looking, she could see the flesh of that man mutating and changing its shape and finally turning into one of the creatures that attacked the Neverlands.

However, as he finished performing the surgery, he commanded the creature to enter a nearby house and he also followed suit as did Chie. However as she spied on the house from the outside, she saw something more than what Aarowan had experienced. what she saw was a portal, a portal through which the creature passed to another plane of existence and following which passed the doctor.

The portal itself was nothing of concern but there came a point where there was a sound coming out of it. There was a scream and following were more screams coming. And finally the screams increased to a point where there was no telling how many of these creatures were hiding on the other side that of the portal.

However, the screams kept increasing and increasing until there came out an army of these creatures.

And thus the invasion has begun.

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