Episode [ new world ]

[ time set at T ]

“It is beautiful”, thought Aarowan continuing his posture of kneeling.

It is true that he was shocked. But somehow, he was not in shock for unable to escape the caves but rather for being able to witness the unequal beauty of the flowers. It is maybe due to the cause that he has been suffering for so long that this scenery he is witnessing now is nothing but a piece of heaven for him.

However, this time the plants were different. They were in various verity. Upon the ground there were plants that resembled fern, and contrasting the one he found in the cave he came from these, however, were illuminating a green light from their leaves. And upon the sealing, even if it was hard to tell, there might be moss. Moss of various colours.

Finally, after a long gaze, Aarowan finally stood up and prepared for the adventure up ahead. But the biggest problem was that the cave he was at now had a huge area so much so that it was quite hard to navigate. Yes, there was the existence of other caves leading out but yet the idea of choosing one in random was not practical.

Aarowan for sometime scratched his head but was not able to figure out anything. As he was about to choose a random path, he suddenly noticed a pattern.

What he noticed was nothing new but rather was another hint given to him by the world itself. The hint this time was that the plants were growing towards a certain direction. The long leaves of the fern plants were all pointing towards a certain direction as if something was pulling them.

For Aarowan this time being more curious started believing that the gravity must be the cause of this, which meant that his initial guess of gravity being slightly off was correct. But currently the answer to the biggest question, the directions, it was now certain to follow the direction shown by the plants. And thus, he followed.


Aarowan walked for hours yet there was nothing, nothing but the plants and the same old cave. However soon he started hearing a faint sound of flowing water. It was not uncommon but it could be a hint to his escape and thus he started listening more carefully and following the faint sound.

Soon Aarowan arrived near a small stream, the water in the stream was also flowing towards the same direction as the plants were pointing towards. And thus, there were more hints towards the world having an uncommon state.

However, finding the stream was good news.

First of all, Aarowan, even though being a devil, drank some water though even it was not vital for his survival and started following the stream.

Following which he finally arrived at the entrance of a small cave through which the stream was flowing. As Aarowan entered the cave he suddenly heard a rumbling sound, as if someone was running, and soon he heard a voice, possibly a female. The voice was not quite clear, maybe because its origins were far ahead.

Hearing the sounds Aarowan rushed through the cave, this time the length of the cave was not much and soon he arrived at the other end.

The other end of the cave this time was a well-constructed structure. There were places to collect water and laying there were earns. But strangely enough, there was no life to found.

Aarowan shouted and tried looking around but there was no sign of anything. However, there were blue stain, lots of blue stains.

Aarowan curiously followed the blue stains and soon following them he arrived at a village.


The village resembled a medieval town. Regardless of its appearance, there were these blue stains all over the foot of the buildings and the most uncommon thing might be the uneasy smell of blood.

This was no longer a question but rather a fact that these blue stains were somehow the blood belonging to the creatures living in this village. However, there was no apparent damage neither there any bodies because of which it was hard to tell whether the presumption was true or false.

And just as he was looking around for clues, he noticed a large footprint, from which there were several leading towards a certain area of the village. However, the footprints were quite strange for the setup, the first thing that there were larger than normal-sized people’s and yet smaller to be called giants. Regardless of the size of the prints, the most peculiar thing was that they were out of time like Aarowan. Because the prints left behind were of modern boots.

For the lack of choices, Aarowan decided upon following the prints. Following which he finally arrived near a huge medieval building. A building where all the footprints lead into.

The building was composed of Four storeys and each floor with two balconies.

However, going inside was not a good idea as for which he decided upon spying on it from distance.

But before he could conceal himself, something hit the back of his neck. It was hard enough to knock a normal person unconscious but Aarowan falls onto the ground shivering. and when he was about to lose his consciousness, he saw a blurry figure of a woman with a tail and two long ears.

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