Episode [ the second one ]

[ time set at T ]

“What? Where am I? How I get here?”, Thought a man lost in the darkness.

“I was supposed to be in the middle of my punishment, was I not?”, He added.

“Maybe it is not a good time to recall the past.”.

“Maybe, maybe I should try focusing more on escaping this darkness.”, and thus thinking this triggered a memory in him. And he said to himself with a smile, “Darkness, huh!!”.

Slowly to his surprise, he started feeling the sensation of wetness at his legs and for his nose, it started getting the odour of rotting corpses. It was as if he was standing on a river of blood but yet nothing was certain.

However, his smile got wider and his mood was getting brighter and brighter.

Before too long he decided upon putting his first step forward. But because of the darkness, he couldn’t make out where to step on and he slipped. Yes, he slipped and fall upon the floor.

Now his entire body was laying on the floor and the sensation of his entire body feeling the floor was bliss to him.

Because he could feel the moist floor, it was as if a muddy ground but yet was quite peculiar, the property of the land was quite different but how it was unclear.

Soon he tried standing up, and as he was trying to stand up, he noticed the unusual gravity. For him, it felt as if the gravity was pulling him towards a certain direction. However, he could not trust his body after going through such a long punishment. But yet when he tried walking, he could feel the same strangeness.

This time being capable of walking at least, he put a few steps forward not knowing his destination and soon he hit a wall-like structure. The construct of the structure was uneven and rough. As if it was made of pure rock like ones found inside the caves.

Somehow hitting on the wall-like structure was good news for him as he could not rely on the place he was at. As he was walking blindly in the darkness.

While holding the wall-like structure he started walking and walked for quite a while but yet the property of his surroundings not changed. The odour was the same and the ground was as muddy as it ever was. But there were however new things to notice.

First of which was the construct of the place he was trapped in. It was cleared when at some point when he tried speaking to himself and his words resounded and echoed around the place, the way it echoed made it clear that the place was more of something that resembled a long narrow cave. And there was no sign of bats which was only possible if the cave was underground or too deep.

However, yet there was a problem, the problem was of illumination. Neither he had nor there was to find any equipment to illuminate the surroundings. But little did he knew that there was to be illumination and in a way that would surprise him at no less.


As he was progressing on his way to the unknown suddenly, he realised the brightened scenery. It was faintly possible to recognise the surroundings. It was clear from the small bit of light that his predictions over the place he was in were true.

At this point, his primary motive has become of him obtaining the source of light or better yet to exit the construct by following the light.

Keeping this objective in his mind he let go of the support and started walking towards the source and soon he arrived at the source.

Arriving he received his surprise; the surprise was that the illuminating light was not coming from anything combustible or from outside but rather was coming from a flower. It was a flower resembling a Night Queen but yet was having a faint yellowish colour. And was also illuminating a faint yellowish colour.

The person sat beside it on the muddy ground and started observing the flower.

From his observation, it was clear that the flower has the same architecture as of a normal Night Queen but with the added effects of bio-illumination. At a glance, it was also recognisable that the flower part was only illuminating not the others like leaves.

In the dark, this single flower of the Night Queen was the only source of any illumination, because of which it even though being a heartless act he went and picked the flower.

Now finally securing a source of light he started continuing walking towards the same direction in hopes of discovering new.

While he was walking, he noticed that the sealing of the cave was not quite constructed normally, the spikes hanging from the ceiling all were pointing also towards a certain direction, the same direction he recently felt as if getting pulled.

It was quite strange but yet he could not reach any conclusive decision as he was no expert on the mentioned topic.

While thinking over the mentioned topic he went so deep that he couldn’t notice that he had finally reached a point from where he could see stars beyond the gates of the cave. And finally, when he did notice he slowly started walking faster and faster and finally he started running towards the light while holding the flower in his grip.


He finally arrived at the entrance and looked above at the stars and fall down to his knees and he started staring at the beautiful and colourful stars.

“Wait! What? colourful stars!!” a sudden thought struck him and he noticed that the stars were of different colours like it does in rainbows. And he finally observed the surroundings.

Yes, it was quite off to have rainbow coloured stars but the even odder thing was that he was surrounded by the stars. In fact, in actuality he was surrounded by these bio-illuminating flowers, illuminating their various colours. And also, the sealing, it was now much higher than it was before, almost at an impossible hight. Also, the surroundings were now wider, much wider to call it a normal cave.

And finally, under the illumination of the flowers, the man was out to observe.

Wearing a black full sleep hoody made up on a thin fabric which had Brahmin chant written all over it alongside a pair of jeans and army boots. His left hand covered with a leather glove. And for his physique, he was an average young man around the age of twenty-five, hair black.

However, something was strange in him, maybe it was his garment or maybe because of his face.

Yes, because he had not only pointy ears but also fangs and to make things even stranger his left eye was so dry so that it was black and its lance was white.

And his name was “Aarowan Dusk”.


  • Aarowan Dusk {
    • Profile [ Aarowan Dusk ];
    • Name [ Aarowan Dusk ];
    • Creator [ Naoraa Dawn ];
    • Crest [ Wolf: The Lost Wolf ];
    • Class [ Devil ];
    • Designation [ Apocalypse Angle ];
    • Title [ One who walks through the bloody path ];
    • Divinity [ Cursed ];
    • Blessing [ Eternal Youth ];
    • Ability [
      • Land of Endless Betrayal,
      • Mother’s & Father’s Rosary,
      • Divine eye,
      • Hell Flame,
      • Arbiter,
      • Jester Mask,
      • Pinocchio the Puppet
    • ];
    • Strength [ Average ];
    • Resistance [ Mind Control ];
  • }

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